Alwin Cobacha

Started out as a dancer in the Philippines, Alwin Cobacha has ventured through different local dance competitions. With a knack for being athletic and for being strict with his personal goals, he strived to become a fitness professional, not only to help himself improve but to guide others in the process.

Aside from achieving his personal health goals, one of his main targets is to inspire other people with their own fitness journey. Instilling positivity, confidence and healthy lifestyle, he adheres to his belief that everyone can do it and there’s no shortcut when achieving your goals. He teaches a wide array of classes, from the light-hearted and upbeat classes like Funky Dance and Surfset, to the intense and challenging programs like Piloxing Knockout, Bootcamp, TRX and Circuit Training.

From his dance career to his growing fitness career, he craves to learn more. Not only through the classes that he leads but also through the people he meets, so when you see him outside, don’t be shy to say hi! When he’s not doing his classes, you’ll usually find him in the gym working out or learning new programs and routines for his classes. Oh, and PS, Alwin is also a movie buff, so if you want to discuss things outside fitness, a good movie is always something to talk about!

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