Jean Solis

When it comes to dance experience, Jean has proven herself well equipped! With 12 years of dancing on her belt, she has appeared on multiple TV shows in the Philippines and performed on various corporate affairs and productions. Flying to Hong Kong, she aims to bring her endless energy and her distinctive charisma to venture in to the world of fitness. Aiming for continuous growth, she pursues to explore and learn things that will quench her never-ending thirst for knowledge.

Known for having a very cheerful and positive attitude, Jean is very well-liked by her peers, workmates and students. Inside the classroom, students praise her for being very approachable and friendly. One of her many goals is to help students boost their confidence in class despite not being dancers and to enjoy every moment of it. To create a stress-free environment, she makes sure that everyone achieves an unforgettable time in class. Teaching Funky Dance, Zumba Fitness, Strong by Zumba and Pound Rockout Workout, she believes that to truly enjoy in class, everyone should try leaving all their worries out the door and have a great time!

While helping her students achieve their goals, Jean desires to work towards living a healthier lifestyle. Despite her flaws, she aims to become stronger, proving that she can do what guys can do. Outside classes, you can find her exploring and venturing around Hong Kong. With the occasional wake surfing and trips to the movies, Jean believes in the balance of life inside and outside of work. One more thing, when you feel like going to karaoke and do some singing, Jean is just a click away!

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