Kyle Miranda

Kyle Miranda has more than 10 years’ experience as a professional dance performer and is specialized in hip-hop, breakdance, and acrobatics, later venturing into other dance styles like jazz, contemporary, ballet and Latin.

To him, fitness isn’t just about the physical benefits, it’s also about mental resilience to continue improving as a person. With over a decade of being a professional instructor, Kyle goes into every class pushing his students to test their limits with the philosophy of ‘you get what you give’. In 2017, after seeing many desiring to slim up their arms, belly and legs, he created the high-intensity program called ‘Progressive’ (XP FITNESS HUB exclusive) – designed to be challenging and focused on those specific body parts, earning him the nickname ‘Devil Instructor’.

Kyle currently serves as the Master Trainer for the Bounce DanceFit program in Hong Kong and is responsible for overseeing the instructors and programs, as well as the education and certification of new instructors in the entire Asian region. Outside of classes, you may occasionally see him training new dance instructors for the studio.

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