Nicco Gador

Nicco Gador started as a professional dance performer in the Philippines, spearheading the House Dance style in his home country and winning numerous dance competitions both within the country and internationally.

Familiar with street dance and passionate about matching fun moves to good music, Nicco helps students let loose and express themselves with energetic motions to awesome tunes, believing that dance and music is a shared language between all peoples. In 2017, he officially became the Master Trainer for POUND Rockout Workout in Hong Kong and serves as its regional representative for Hong Kong, China and the Philippines – making him responsible for overseeing instructors, programs, and the education and certification of new trainers in the area and other nearby countries.

Holding a degree in graphic design and a knack for understanding digital media, he also assists the team in creating marketing visuals and helps manage their social media presence. That means when he’s not doing classes in the studio, you’ll probably find him working away (or geeking out) on his mechanical keyboard.

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