In terms of experience and expertise, Nelson is definitely well equipped. He is a group fitness instructor that specialises on dance, strengthening, endurance training, and over-all mind and body wellness. With a wide experience with dancing since his earlier career, he surely knows how to lead and perform in class. Certified in teaching Les Mills programs like Body Combat, Body Pump, Body Balance, Body Jam and Body attack, he is very well versed in every aspect. Nelson is also certified to teach RPM, TRX, ZUMBA and a certified Spartan SGX coach.

Nelson is know for his energetic personality, healthy lifestyle and a very skilled motivator. You’ll often hear how all of his students respond to his energy in class. With over 20 years of professional dancing experience, he has mastered the art of performing and connection. When he’s not in class, you’ll see him travelling around the globe and often finds time to go out in nature. With his passionate and friendly demeanour, he’s very easy to approach and you’ll surely have a great time with him.

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