Kathleen Dino

With an overwhelming sense of purpose, Kathleen Dino started her passion with performing as a dancer. With different genres on her belt, she performed on TV and competed in different competitions back in the Philippines. Flying to Hong Kong, she fell in love with a healthier lifestyle and pursued fitness as a career. With a sweet, friendly, approachable and a very detail-oriented attitude, she became well liked among her peers and students.

Aiming for a holistic approach to fitness, she desires to help her students achieve their goals as well. One of her major goals is to be able to help others achieve their targets efficiently and with purpose, to embrace and accept themselves with out thinking too much of the pressure of society. More than the physique, she aims to inspire students to be happier and to be more confident with their wellbeing. With classes like Funky, Abs and Booty Workout, HIIT Steps, XPilates, Zumba, Pound and Surfset, she strives to use these tools to empower women that fitness is also for them.

To effectively achieve her targets, mastering all of the programs she teaches is one of her major tools to become a better instructor. Her ultimate goal is to become a philanthropist, helping those who are in need in every aspect and to achieve a worry-free life. Outside classes, you can see her working out, building her physique, working her way to becoming a fitness ambassador or a Spartan Champion! When she’s not busy studying her fitness programs, you’ll see her dancing, so make sure to catch her KPOP video on social media!

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